Additional Earplug Molding Tips

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To get an even better fit, here are a few suggestions:

  • Have someone help you mold them,
  • Or use a mirror so you can see where you are moving the material to.
  • Start with a silicone tip that is a size smaller than you need. This makes it easier to get into your ear and start molding. After the mold is cooled, swap out the tips for the size you want.
  • Try not to “over mold”; that is, try not to swipe/spread the material too much. Typically, gently pushing with the pad of your finger works well.
  • Use the folds or ridges of your ear to help lock the mold in place.
  • Check that everything is lined up right. For most people, the ear canal goes forward (toward the eyes), so angling the earbud forward will help improve fit and sound isolation.
  • If you have small ears, simply trim the mold down a little with scissors after it is heated. Just snip a little off the top.
  • If you have large ears, try to create more of a shell than a plug—this helps cover the concha (bowl) of the ear.

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