Battery Life

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Wireless Earphones

The expected battery life is between 3.5 and 4.5 hours. However, this may vary depending on the usage and device. Changing songs and volume often can also affect the battery life.

Some Tips for Extending Battery Life:

Turn the power off when not in use. Leaving the headset in sleep mode will drain power.

Keep your batteries at room temperature: not only is it bad for the molds to be kept at warm temperatures, it can also decrease the battery life of your Decibullz.

Perform shallow discharges: instead of discharging to 0% all the time, our batteries do best when you discharge them for a little bit, then charge them for a little bit.

Fully discharge it once a month: While our batteries shouldn't be discharged regularly, it is good to let them go all the way down sometimes to reset the calibration. 

Don't leave it plugged in at 100%. This is something most of us do, but it's another thing that can degrade your battery's health over time.


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